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Yin & Yang - How to start creating a more balanced lifestyle

Yang is associated with masculine energy, the energy we feel when moving energy out into the world, when you’re focusing on a task, when you’re being extroverted, and it’s connected to the left side of the brain. Yin on the other hand is a feminine energy that is connected to our inner thoughts, creativity, intuition, imagination, and is connected to the right side of the brain.

How can we start creating balance?
It starts with noticing our thoughts and feelings.
To understand what energy is driving us, we need to start to tune into our thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Are you overly competitive and aggressive in your thoughts and actions (excess yang) or are you reclusive, submissive, even when you think you’re right (excess yin). These questions can then help you determine where your energy naturally lies and where you might need to focus more of your attention.

Do activities that create the opposite energy.
This might seem obvious, but if you find you have excess yang energy, slow down, do a yin class, meditate, or do something creative like adult colouring in. On the other hand, if you have too much yin energy try a power vinyasa class, go for a run, do some logical problem solving tasks like Sudoku. Often it’s about doing things that don’t come naturally, or that you’re not drawn to.

Meditation is all about restoring energy. Take even a few moments a day to reconnect with your breathing, sitting still, and noticing the energy that is running through you. It allows you to connect with how your body feels, but the act of meditation itself will also start to help balance those internal energies.

Reconnect with the resources available to you
Think water, good nutrition, and nature. Our bodies like to be in balance, they want to be in balance. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, eating healthy nourishing foods, and getting out into nature, feeling the earth under bare feet.

Words by Amy Collins from Yoga 213.
For more feel good facts and stories check out the YOGA 213 blog.

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