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Havaianas X Cool Edies

We sat down with Jane & Lucy from Sydney Style duo Cool Edies, here’s how it went down:
How did the name Cool Edies come about? Funny story.  As we both move at the speed of lightening, we actually signed the lease for our first studio space the very same day that we met for the first time! Talk about speed dating!!  We were about to sign the lease and needed a business name.  I looked around, desperately, and realised that our space was on Edith Street. Edith, not cool.  Edies.  Cool.  Cool Edies.  Get it!?

How would you describe your fashion style? Luce and I have very different aesthetics with sometimes the exact same result.  I love that we can wear the same pieces in totally different ways. I wear a lot of slouchy black leather, denim and basics and Lucy is a little more tonal in her edit. Creams and neutrals feature heavily in her wardrobe.  Something that I am usually very jealous of!  She has a natural way of piecing things together.

What do you team your Havaianas with? Literally everything!  It is lovely to have a flats option that is simple, classy and not too fussy.  We especially love the pop of metallics. Cool and understated yet a little dressier than your average flip-flop.


Any tips for creating the always summer vibe/lifestyle at home? Fresh, fresh, fresh!  Whether it’s a scrunchy linen throw over a table or a bunch of tuberoses in a vase next to a clamshell filled with limes. Natural materials also feel summery.  Wood.  Rattan. Sisal under your feet.  Cowhides.  Natural light is another summery winner.  As is scent.  make sure your space always smells clean and amazing! 

Favourite colour of the new You Metallic Havaianas collection? The molten gold.  No wait, the silver.  No,…copper.  Ummm,…possibly the bronze.

Shop the collection here 

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