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Havaianas - Chasing the Sun

One of my all time favourite places to chase the sun is Rottnest Island – about 10 nautical miles off shore from where I grew up in Fremantle.

“Rotto” is the back drop to many childhood summer holiday photos and the main reason I boast my Western Australian upbringing.

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I have been enjoying Rottnest Island since forever, countless family day trips, school camps as a youngster, and more recently, memorable wine fueled girls weekends away. I personally find this one of the most magical, visually delicious and breathtakingly nostalgic parts of the world.

We jumped on a friends yacht and sailed over from Fremantle on a picture perfect summer day.

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The water colour is a ridiculous blue sparkle, I swear this is where mermaids are born...

Days are spent riding bikes and exploring perfect beaches for maximum vitamin D absorption. Rotto definitely has some of the best beaches on the planet.

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As the sun sets we progress to Pinky’s Beach to catch the pastel pink and purple sky over the Bathurst lighthouse. 

Back to the boat for dinner of freshly caught crayfish before we sit back and enjoy the Indian Ocean star show on our way sailing back to Freo with the seabreeze.

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Chasing the Sun in West Oz - perfection.

Watch the full video below.


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  2. thanks for sharing this havaianas chasing sun details bro.... विद मेट