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Havaianas to be celebrated as an iconic design that has impacted fashion in the last 100 years at The Museum of Modern Art

Sunday 1 October

Havaianas Europe is honoured to announce that our original thongs will be included in The Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” this October.

The exhibition features 111 fashion items that have influenced the fashion world throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. A replica of the original Havaianas thongs will be showcased amongst other iconic fashion garments, accessories and shoes from famous fashion brands.

 “To be included amongst so many great legends of fashion with our simple and original Havaianas Traditional is not only an honour for our brand, but for Brazilian design and fashion. We are truly delighted to be a part of this exhibition” says Carla Schmitzberger, Havaianas Global Director.

Items: Is Fashion Modern? is MoMA’s first fashion dedicated exhibition since 1944. The exhibition will run until 28 January 2018.


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