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Elyse Knowles x Thongs2SaveLives

Elyse Knowles wears Slim Rubber Logo Coral

We’re excited to have model, ambassador and reality TV star, Elyse Knowles on board for Thongs2SaveLives, a national fundraising event for Surf Life Saving.  

Simply wear your thongs on the first day of summer, Friday 1 December and donate to!

We caught up with Elyse to find out more about her, why she supports Surf Life Saving and what she loves most about summer!

What inspired you to partner with Havaianas and Surf Life Saving Australia?

In Australia we are so lucky to have the amazing beaches that we do and enjoying a safe summer by the sand and sea is one of the things that makes me happiest.  I literally wear Havaianas all summer long - I can’t even tell you how many different pairs I have and really admire their dedication to supporting our amazing Surf Life Savers who do such an incredible job keeping us all protected.   In turn, working with Havaianas and Surf Life Saving for Thongs2SaveLives felt really right to me and it was such a pleasure to be involved. 

Australian Surf Life Savers in our Top Ruby Red Havis

What does Thongs2SaveLives mean to you?

Thongs2SaveLives is super important to me as I don’t naturally feel comfortable in the ocean. I was brought up on the river where there are no rips and waves. Josh has introduced me to the beach culture a lot more over the last 5 years.  I absolutely love the beach and the ocean, but I am still a little nervous of it. Safety comes first so swimming in between the flags is a must for me. I truly appreciate the time and effort the life savers put into keeping me, my loved ones and all Australians safe year-round. 

What is your advice for Australians heading to the beach this summer?

My advice for Aussies heading to the beach this summer is swim between the flags for safety and maybe even take a second to thank the life savers patrolling the beach for you to enjoy. Don’t be one of those people who awkwardly dash to the ocean because their feet are burning on the hot sand.  Slow down, put your Havi’s on and embrace the beautiful Australian coast for a leisurely stroll by or to the ocean! And, a personal tip, take a little time away from technology to embrace the Aussie summer with friends and family. 

Where will you be taking your Havaianas this summer?

This summer, Josh and I will be taking both of our Havaianas up north. The sound of a long, hot, adventurous road-trip along out beautiful coast makes me SUPER excited. We only have a few more weeks to go so I’m starting to plan where we can camp along the way, which are the dog-friendly beaches and where we can swim with the ever-friendly SLS patrol nearby, so we feel safe all summer long.

What are your favourite beaches in Australia and what do you love about them?

My favourite beaches in Australia would have to be along the New South Wales coast. Byron Bay never disappoints with its lovely scenic views and great laid-back culture.  I also love the beaches along the coast of Western Australia where the desert meets the sea!  Rich red landscapes meeting a clear blue ocean is a truly beautiful sight.

What are your beach essentials?

Well lets clearly start with the most important item on the list… my Havaianas.  Beyond this we always have a bunch of towels (Isla needs her own of course), hats, sunscreen, big drink bottles, a dog bowl for Isla's water, books and magazines to keep entertained, sunnies, surf-boards and an umbrella if we are really settling in for the day.

To find out more about Elyse, follow > @Elyseknowlzy

Get involved in the fun and help keep everyone safe at the beach this summer, visit to register or donate.

$1 from every pair of Havaianas purchased at Ozmosis, General Pants, City Beach, Surf Dive’n Ski, David Jones and online at until 1 December will be donated to Surf Life Saving. 


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