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Cruising with Crispy

Volume 3: Meet Claudia – surfer, gymnast & stunt performer!

We followed Crispy’s adventures with the Havi’s thong board to the Gold Coast in QLD, where he hung out with 19-year-old local surfer, gymnast instructor and stunt performer, Claudia Weston!

5 minutes with Claudia..

Where’s your favourite beach in the world?
The Spit, in the Gold Coast just near Sea World.

What’s your favourite food after the beach?
Acai bowls, smoothies and fresh fruit and vegies!

What’s your record for the most flips and cart wheels in a row?

What’s your Havi’s style?
I love adventure and taking risks, that's why I love training as a stunt performer. So, the Slim striped tiger print is for me.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Crispy!


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