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10 reasons why you need a new pair of Havi's this summer

            1.        Your Dog ate them!
Unlike the common phrase back in school, “my dog ate my homework”, this is actually a problem! We all know our furry friends love the rubbery goodness of Havi’s, so if yours has recently been a culprit than it’s time for a new pair. Shop now >
            2.       Your best friend stole your Havi’s and refuses to admit it
You know they’re wearing your pair but you can’t prove it because you have the exact same taste! Make it easy to spot your pair this summer by designing your own or adding an embellishment. Shop Make Your Own > 
            3.       You’ll be living in them this summer
Havi’s = summer. If you’re not wearing them than it’s not warm enough! Refresh your wardrobe with a pair that will last you all season. Shop now >
             4.       You didn’t know you could get Havi’s with a printed strap
Yes, you read that correctly – we now make printed straps and you need them! Shop now > 
             5.       Havi’s are so hot right now
Havi’s have been all over the international fashion scene recently – featuring in outfits on scandi cool girls in Copenhagen, to the runway of Dion Lee in New York! Shop now >
             6.       You love the beach
Ain’t nobody got time for sand in their shoes. Shop now >
             7.       You’re feelin’ animal prints right now
Wild thing, you make my heart sing! Shop Animal Prints > 
            8.       Treat yo’ self
You deserve something special… and you need a new pair to match that new summer dress you impulsively purchased last week! Shop now >
            9.       You’re into quality
Havaianas are proudly made in Brazil with our top secret, premium rubber formula. We stand by the quality of our thongs and offer a 6 month replacement warranty for all pairs purchased from our online store or from an authorised retailer in Australia. Shop now > 
10.       You can never have too many pairs!
Havi’s never go out of fashion and you can never have too many pairs. Check out our latest styles and online exclusives! Shop the range > 


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