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Havaianas X mastermind JAPAN

In 1962, Havaianas invented the Traditional, the world’s famous thong inspired by the Japanese Zori. Now, Havaianas travels back to its origins to reinvent its founding shape, creating the New Tradi Zori.

To launch the new shape, Havaianas collaborated with high-end fashion brand, mastermind JAPAN who mixes street style with luxury.

The collection embraces mastermind JAPAN’s signature urban black and white look and features two different styles: Top, with the Traditional Havaianas sole, and the novelty that promises to break paradigms, connecting past and future, the Tradi Zori.

Inspired by the Traditional Havaianas and the Japanese Zori sandals, this brand-new design is the first ever thong to be created for the urban style. Featuring the signature mastermind JAPAN grey and black skull printed across our new iconic square base with fabric straps for a comfortable yet stylish urban look.  

This style features mastermind JAPAN’s signature black and white skull printed across the Traditional Top Havaianas sole with a sleek gun metal logo and skull pin which completes the pair. 

These limited-edition Havaianas X mastermind JAPAN collaboration thongs are available from June 10, 2020 exclusive to Havaianas Official Online Store and Espionage Sydney.

With only 2,560 pairs of the mastermind JAPAN Zori style and 5,264 pairs of the mastermind JAPAN Top style produced globally you will need to act fast and grab yours before they sell out!


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