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Made of Brazilian Summer

We are so excited to launch our 2017 Global Campaign celebrating the spirit of the Brazilian summer!

It’s no secret that we separate the year into summertime and non-summertime. Because, let’s be honest, summer is the most anticipated season around the world, the season when everything becomes brighter and warmer. This longing for summer is doubled for Brazil because summer in Brazil is the time of the Brazilian spirit – that joyful, light hearted way of enjoying life. In fact, it’s when the best stories happen and when the colours become richer. It’s when the simple act of walking transforms into a rhythmical strut that everyone recognizes as a dance.

It was during summer that Havaianas was born, made with every drop of this Brazilian summer spirit, this light hearted and enjoyable way of living. Made in summer, made for summer and made of summer.


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