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NEW IN: Tradi Zori


New this season, and to the world… meet the Havaianas Tradi Zori.

In 1962, Havaianas designed what would become the world’s best selling thong, inspired by the Traditional Japanese Zori Sandal, the first iconic style ever made, the Traditional.

Now, almost 60 years later, we have travelled back to our origins with the same original inspiration and developed a new icon, the Tradi Zori which embraces our past and shapes the future. 

Made from the same comfortable rubber sole as our thongs, the Tradi Zori features a unique, square-shaped silhouette that boasts a triple-layer EVA and rubber sole together with a fabric strap that provides superior, all-day comfort and increased stability.

To celebrate the launch of the new Tradi Zori style, we have developed Havaianas toe socks to provide a comfortable yet stylish look. The Havaianas toe socks are exclusive to online and available in eight colours and quirky prints. They are a must-have in any Havaianas lover’s wardrobe. 

The Havaianas Tradi Zori collection is exclusively available online and available in seven colour ways.

With limited quantities available, you need to act fast and grab your pair online now before they sell out!


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